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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Although I finished the project a long time ago I have written a short report for uploading here on the page. It is build on my synopsis and powerpoint show and therefore is a bit untraditional as report.
You can find it here

Monday, June 19, 2006

Almost finished

This project has been very attempting and a lot of interesting stuff came out of it. I have the final test on this Thursday, 10.55 at ITU. But I have got some points which I would like to share. Don't hesitate with commenting if you think anything is strange or false.

For example:
- Everybody thinks we need to focus on the students IT-litteracy. However it seemed like those who needed it the most was and other researchers on 30+.
- The only IT-user one I talked with who actually read the manuals* was a succesfull female full professor, whom are very rare. This might tell something about the level of female reasearchers at 50+. (those who survived as researchers need to have a quick maintenance)

*eccept from those who worked with IT as proffession.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The first interviews...

I have now adjusted the questions so that it can give me some better details of the IT-background, and I have interviewed the first couple of people.

There seems to be some constructive ideas which I should not reveal yet.

Volounteers for the interviews are still needed, and everybody woth a bio-background is needed.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Bio-researchers wanted

For my analysis as described in this blog, I would like to interview Bio-reasearchers of all kinds. The individuals for the interview should be both students and akademic staff, that are either very good at using bioinformatic tools, ok or who have not got a clue on how or where to start. With bioinformatic tools, I mean e.g. using databases as BLAST, sequence alignment tools like ClustalX/W or other useful internet/PC-devices.

The objective of the interview is to identify some ways to do a better instruction of bioinformatics such as: Should one use book or hyperlinks as teaching material, are courses needed or are tutorials enough, what are the qualities of an informative and usable bioinformatic tool?

The interview can be in English or Danish and it can be either live (in Copenhagen) or by phone. Your identity will be anonymous in the final report. The interview will last approximately 30 minuttes.
If you would like to participate please contact Sine Zambach, or by phone: (+45) 21235533

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sources of the project

Material I intend to use in my project about learning bioinformatics tools

- I helped teaching in the workshops of Introduction to bioinformatics (with extensive and useful quantitative lecture- and tool specific evaluation from more than 30 Biochemistry and Biology students)
- I will to do some qualitative research using some representative bio-researchers from the different segments that I will work with.

Methods litterature and IT literacy
The Media Book, Newbold, Boyd-Barrett and Van den Bulck, Oxford University press, 2002:
- Ch 2 “Tools for studying the Media” by Hilde Van den Bulck: Using the ideas and basis for qualitative and quantitative methods
- Ch 7 “Advertising and Marketing” by Rachel Eyre and Michel Walrave: Using the segmentation of user-profiles on the users of bioinformatics tools.
- Ch 8 “Interactive Electronic Media” by Gillian Youngs and Oliver Boyd-Barret: Using the “distance learning”-methods. (no - it has nothing to do with distance phylogeny methods)
- Livingstone, Sonia: Media Literacy and the Challenge of new Information and Communication Technologies, The Communication Review, vol 7, 3-14, 2004

Bioinformatics maintaining litterature
- Campbell, A. Malcolm: Public acess for Teaching Genomicsm Proteomics, and Bioinformatics. Cell Biology Education, Vol. 2, 98-111, 2003
- Andersson, S. et al: Theory Anchored evaluation applied to a CSCL intense course in Bioinformatics

Please don't hesitate with suggesting more sources on the subject. I know there are some material about teaching Bioinformatics but I can't find it right now...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Sine: bioinformatic-tag

Welcome to Bioinformatics learning

This blog is created while working with a project on ITU in the course: Medier og Kommunikation 2006.
The aim of the project by now is to segment the (potential) users of biologic information on the internet, and thereby try to investigate how their knowledge and use of the tools could be improved.